Our Team

Our Team

Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office StaffMain Phone: 919-966-3576 / Fax: 919-962-2562
Jayne Grandes Interim Equal Opportunity/ADA Director

Oversees all programs within the purview of the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office.

Camille Brooks Assistant Equal Opportunity/ADA Officer Develops the University’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and hiring goals in furtherance of the University’s commitment to equal opportunities in employment, conducts investigations of harassment or discrimination, and designs and delivers trainings on harassment prevention, non-discrimination, and accessibility requirements.  919-966-1549
Hilary Delbridge Public Communications Specialist Provides information and materials to the campus community about Title IX, University policies prohibiting discrimination, and other areas of discrimination within the purview of the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office.  Also, obtains community input on areas for improvement. 919-445-1575
Laura DePersia Database Coordinator Provides database management for harassment and discrimination claims, coordinates trainings, and assists with investigations of harassment and discrimination. 919-966-6754
Kim Dixon Title IX Investigator Investigates reports of discrimination, harassment (including sexual violence), and/or retaliation prohibited by Title IX. 919-445-1576
Lorri Dolinger Office Manager Receives requests for employee ADA accommodations and assists with developing office reports required by state and federal laws.  For student disability accommodations, please contact Accessibility Resources & Service. 919-962-3010
Rudy Jones Associate Equal Opportunity/ADA Director Directs the office’s ADA program and manages EPA faculty, non-faculty recruitment, and post-doctoral recruitment to ensure Carolina’s commitment to diversity and nondiscrimination. 919-962-9980
Howie Kallem Title IX Compliance Coordinator Seeks to ensure compliance with Title IX through the development of University policies and coordination of resources, education, training and outreach around conduct prohibited by the federal law. 919-445-1577

Office Administrator

Advises applicants and departments regarding the recruitment process, provides information about the recruitment tool PeopleAdmin, and manages EPA RecruitmentWeb approvals in furtherance of Carolina’s commitment to diversity and nondiscrimination.


Jenn Scott Title IX Program Coordinator Supports students through the reporting process and coordinates programs, outreach and education to further Title IX and the broader nondiscrimination goals of the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office. 919-445-1574